About Us

Everyone faces challenges in life that come in the way of effective functioning at home and at work. How often have you or your employees been physically present and going through the motions, but not really engaged or productive, because of stress or anxiety over specific issues?

We believe that each one of us has our internal reserves of resilience, the ability to bounce back; although sometimes we need a little help discovering and polishing it.

Self-help resources, professional counselling and training - available at your fingertips - can build your resilience and help you find strength to stride through life. Resilience does work!

What we do:

Our current spectrum of products and services has grown out of first-hand knowledge of patterns of usage, customer concerns and barriers to usage. Being designed and delivered by qualified, experienced professionals with decades of experience, the quality is unparalleled.

Corporate Services


A comprehensive programme offering assistance to employees, managers and family members through individual counselling, training programmes and consultations.


Specialised workshops for managers and HR in counselling and people skills. Expert-led workshops on life concerns like work-life integration, relationships, marriage, parenting, shift-work, lifestyle, personality development.


A range of services to promote Gender Diversity, including training programmes and individual coaching especially customised for women and managers.


A comprehensive range of services, from external representation on the IC, workshops for the committee, employees and managers to on-going refresher programmes.

Who we are:

ResilienceWorks is run by a passionate team of experienced, professional counsellors along with designers, content and technology developers committed to providing you the best support not only to boost your internal resilience, but also hold your hand through the difficult times.


Karuna Baskar has over three decades of experience in counselling, training and behavioural consultation. Having co-founded and completely managed the operations of India's pioneer and undisputed leader in the field of EAP counselling, Karuna founded ResilienceWorks to make high quality professional counselling available to the public as well as to corporations. Expertise and experience in the areas of POSH, Gender Diversity and Training have gone into development of customised programmes in each of these areas.

Deepti Srinivasan has over 12 years of experience as a counsellor and trainer, working with corporations and individuals across sectors, addressing a range of personal and work-related concerns. She has expertise in high-level product development, and is experienced in all aspects of counselling operations from recruitment and training to quality control and providing consultative services to corporations. Having a background in legal studies, Deepti has worked in the area of Prevention of Sexual Harassment.

Ellen Mrinalini B. Shinde has over 28 years of experience as a mental healthcare practitioner and professional counsellor with over 15 years as a clinical director working in the field of EAP. Being a thought leader in the field, Ellen has been responsible for the quality of counselling interventions, processes and products, consulting and providing customized programs for senior leaders and specific support programs for organizations. With experience in areas of prevention of sexual harassment, mental health, psychotherapy and counselling for individuals, families and corporate teams, Ellen has provided high-quality services to all clients.