Manage your stress with these simple tips

Geetha is constantly feeling tired and irritable. She has been developing headaches at the end of the day, for the past two weeks. She seems to argue almost every day with her parents. She even began to cry when a colleague said that she looked pale and sick.

Geetha shows some signs of being stressed. 

Different people handle stress differently, and when our usual ways of responding to stress do not work anymore, we feel confused, frustrated and stuck. Is there anything one can do? Of course there is! When our coping methods don’t work anymore, we can always try and adopt newer ways. Our coping strategies work differently in different situations. 

For example – Geetha may have decided to communicate her feelings as a means to manage her stress. This helps improve her personal relationship. At work, however, communicating her emotions would not help reduce her stress as much as time-management would have. 

When we are under stress, we experience physiological and emotional changes. The coping strategies listed below will help manage these changes so that you are better able to address the main source of your stress. 

1) Engage in physical exercise. It helps reduce the stress hormones in the body.

2) Eat meals on time. Healthy food gives energy to deal with stressful situations.

3) Take time away from the stressful situation. This allows for some time to take a fresh look at the situation. 

4) Get adequate sleep. Sleep is the period during which the body recuperates from the effects of stress.

5) Reach out to a trusted friend / family member who isn’t a part of the issue.

6) Talk to a counsellor to help develop effective coping methods.

Finally, be patient with yourself. We are all bound to be affected by situations and experiences that can be unpleasant and difficult. Give yourself room to make mistakes and learn from them. Remember the positive aspects of your life add perspective and give you strength to handle the tough times. 

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